Sunday, January 23, 2011


I decided to initiate this blog because of the many errors in English grammar and spelling that I regularly see, some on the Internet, but others in very respectable magazines, and even peer-reviewed academic journals. In many cases, such errors are made by writers who have learned English as a second language, but not always. What is particularly disturbing are the many errors and typos perpetrated by native English speakers who are simply careless and don't bother to proofread their work. An error may not always be seen as such by a non-native speaker, who may assume that the usage is correct. In this way, certain errors are being perpetuated, and standards are deteriorating. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if the errors were obvious, so a well informed reader could simply read past them. However, in many cases they are not obvious and can significantly alter the intended meaning.

I'll be posting here to discuss certain types of problem that particularly "bug" me, partly just to vent, but also in the hope that other writers, both native and non-native speakers, will find my observations useful. From time to time I will post excerpts from writings that I find particularly interesting, either as models of good English usage and style, or examples of what can go wrong.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section. And if you would like to post brief passages from your own writing for me to go over and, if necessary, correct, you are welcome to do so. I hope you will enjoy this blog and profit from reading here.


  1. I am a second language learner. I am glad, I found your blog. I been afraind of writing ever since I remember. Believe it or not, but I would do anything to avioid writing in English or Spanish. I am forty years old and lived in Chicago for trity six years. I am currently living in Spain. I feel that I am loosing my English grammar, spelling and the worst thing is that I am terrified of writing in both laguages Spanish and English. I have to face my writing fears, because I have two little girls that in the near future will ask mommy to correct thier Englih homework. I feel helpless. But after reading your blog I fee a bit more confident. Keep up with your blog. It will help lots of people like me. I wish one day, I would make the same statement you wrote on your blog,
    "I am simply a writer who takes his craft seriously and is concerned about the future of the English language." In my case would be the English and Spanish language. Any tips are very welcome. Thank you for creating such a helful blog. I will continue to read your blog.
    Sincerly Yours,

    The terrified writer

  2. Don't be terrified. :-) Just try to get some help. This blog was created for those who, like you, are struggling to improve. I was thinking of discontinuing the blog because it's hard to get the word out and I'm not a very good publicist. But I'll try to continue for as long as I'm needed. Thanks for this expression of your support. And please send (brief) samples of your writing that you need help with. Just include them in a comment and I promise to respond.

  3. If you ever discontinue your blog, please let me know an e-mail address where you can be reached at. My e-mail is Will take your word for it, I will start writing and will send you some samples. Thank you.